VVR group undergraduate students Ioanna Balasi, Agapi Chrysanthakopoulou, Konstantinos Kalatzis, Dimitrios Laskos, Michail Pavlou, Sokratis Zouras and research assistant Dimitrios Bitzas, supervised by Associate Professor Konstantinos Moustakas, have been accepted and presented their project “VitaZ: Gamified Mixed Reality Multisensorial Interactions” in the final of the 3DUI contest of IEEE VR 2019 that was held in Osaka, Japan in March 2019. The developed project enabled seamless transition from the real to the virtual world and demonstrated passive haptics, mid-air haptics, object and abstract entities (time) manipulation. All techniques are integrated in the context of a mixed-reality escape room or treasure hunt game, where information from both the real and the virtual world is necessary in order to solve the puzzle.

D. Bitzas, S. Zouras, A. Chrysanthakopoulou, D. Laskos, K. Kalatzis, M. Pavlou, I. Balasi, and K. Moustakas, “VitaZ : Gamified Mixed Reality Multisensorial Interactions,” in IEEE VR,Osaka, 2019.

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