Research Groups

Wire Communications Laboratory is currently active in the following research and development areas:

Telemedicine, Teleworking and Teleteaching applications, Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) transmission, Optimisation of telecom networks, Teletraffic Models and Engineering, Network management, Digital processing of speech with applications in automated Speech Recognition, Speech Synthesis, Speaker Recognition, Dialogue Systems, Linguistic Processing of Modern Greek texts by computer, Computer Lexicography, Coding of acoustic signals, Enhancement of noisy speech and audio signals, Pattern recognition applications (cancer diagnosis, etc.)

Groups and links

Research and Development is carried out by seven research groups working in the fields of Information Processing and Telecommunications, and suitable equipment, so as to be in a position to deal with complex problems. Therefore, it participates in large national and international research projects. In general, the objectives of the Wire Communications Laboratory are the forwarding of technical knowledge and the development of advanced systems and services capable of being exploited competitively by the industry and by telecom service providers.

The current research and development interests of EET concern the areas of :

  • Telemedicine, Teleworking and Distance Education applications.
  • Digital subscription line transmission (DSL).
  • Optimization of telecommunication networks.
  • Models of telecommunication traffic Network management.
  • Digital speech processing with applications in automatic speech recognition, speech synthesis, speaker recognition and dialog systems.
  • Computational linguistic processing of texts of the modern Greek language.
  • Computational Lexicography Audio signal coding.
  • Pattern recognition applications (cancer diagnosis, etc.)

EET has seven research teams active in the fields of Telecommunications and Information Processing and remarkable equipment, in order to be able to face complex research problems and to participate in major research and development programs in Greece and internationally.

The objectives of the Wired Telecommunication Laboratory are the promotion of technological knowledge and the development of advanced systems and services that can be used by the telecommunications hardware industry and telecommunications providers and developed through research teams.