The WCL-IT has developed activities in the fields of telecommunications, speech and natural language processing, image processing, audio technology and electroacoustics, The courses offered by the laboratory to the students of the Electrical & Computer Engineering Department are focused on the above fields.

The instruction offered is complemented by laboratory classes, the supervision of diploma theses, the holding of seminars and participation in the student exchange program of ERASMUS/SOCRATES, with the participation of 15 European universities.

WCL-IT also provides post graduate studies in the above fields. During the last five years, 21 Ph.D theses were succesfully completed, while 38 are currently supervised in the context of the research projects being undertaken.

The Wire Communication and Informatics Laboratory supports the elaboration of diploma theses by fourth- and fifth-year students of the Department of Electrical Engineering & Computer Technology of the University of Patras. On this page you will find links to pages where diploma theses are announced by the Research Teams of the Wired Telecommunication Laboratory.

You can also find a list of all 27 lessons, that are related to our laboratory below: