Visualization & Virtual Reality Group


The Visualization and Virtual Reality Group (VVR) was established in 2012 and is one of the eight separate research groups of the Wire Communications Laboratory (WCL), Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Patras. The activities of the Group include Teaching, Research and Development in the areas of Computer Graphics, Virtual Reality, Visualization, Computational Geometry, Human-Computer Interaction, Stereoscopic Vision, etc.

The Group offers courses related to computer graphics and computational geometry to undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students of the University of Patras. Apart from these courses, the VVR group offers to the students the possibility to carry out their diploma and PhD theses in the aforementioned research areas.

The VVR Group is involved in the research and development in the areas of collision detection, haptic interaction, virtual human modeling and simulation, deformable object modeling, steresocopic vision, visualization, 3D content based search and biometrics with application in the areas of accessibility, indexing, virtual reality and real time graphics. The personnel of the VVR group has presented significant results in the above areas that have led to more than 80 publications in international scientific journals and conferences.

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