Network Architectures and Management Group


Our group is working in the University of Patras in Greece since 2005. We focus in the creation of P2P architectures and systems that are scalable and adaptable to the conditions of the dynamic underlying network. In our work “Enabling locality in a balanced P2P overlay” we present a DHT architecture that exploits network locality and simultaneously offers a framework for balancing the data stored in the overlay without constraint this process from the requirements of the routing functionality of the DHT. In “L-CAN: Locality aware structured overlay for P2P live streaming” we present the algorithms that we developed in order to create a locality aware structured graph through the use of distributed optimization. We also briefly present the performance of our overlay in P2P live streaming. At last in “On the architecture and the design of a P2P live streaming system” we abstractive model live streaming and we highlight the architectural choices that exploit the parameters derived from our model. We additionally demonstrate the high performance of our system and its stability in dynamic underlying network conditions and node behavior.

People participate in our group are: