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The Audio and Acoustic Technology Group (Audio Group) is one of the seven separate research groups of the Wire Communications Laboratory (WCL), Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Patras. It was established in 1989, when professor John Mourjopoulos was appointed in the position of lecturer in Electroacoustics.

The activities of the Group include Teaching, Research and Development in the areas of Digital Audio Signal Processing, Electroacoustics, Digital Audio Technology and Room Acoustics.

The Group offers courses related to digital audio and electroacoustics to undergraduate and postgraduate engineering students of the University of Patras. Apart from these courses, Audio Group offers to the students the possibility to carry out their diploma theses in the above areas and apply their knowledge in real life implementations of engineering tasks.

The Audio Group is involved in the development and implementation of novel technologies and methods in sound and acoustic applications. Since 1989, it has developed substantial research and teaching expertise in the fields of communications, audio and speech processing, electroacoustic devices and systems, acoustical design of architectural spaces. The Audio Group has presented remarkable results that include more than 100 publications in international scientific journals and conferences. Additionally, the group has been active in the development of prototype devices and systems in cooperation with the national and European industry.

The Audio Group has participated in several national and European programs (SPHERE, SPHEAR, INSPIRE, HOARSE etc.), in close cooperation with many leading European Research Institutes.

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