WCL Courses

WCL Teaching activity includes 27 courses:

Course Professor
Artificial Intelligence N. Fakotakis – K. Sgarbas
Broadband Networks M. Logothetis
Communication Systems I M. Logothetis – M. Koukias
Communication Systems II V. Stylianakis
Computer Network Management S. Denazis
Computational Geometry and Applications K. Moustakas
Computer Graphics and Virtual Reality K. Moustakas
Computer Communication Networks Th. Antonakopoulos – M.  Logothetis – V. Stylianakis
Digital Audio Technology I. Mourtzopoulos
Digital Communications I V. Stylianakis
Digital Communications II V. Stylianakis
Digital Logic  N.  Fakotakis
Electroacustic I I. Mourtzopoulos
Electroacustic II I. Mourtzopoulos
Introduction to Computer Science II E. Dermatas – S. Denazis – V. Perraki – M. Koukias – K. Sgarbas
Introduction to Communications D. Lymberopoulos – M. Logothetis – Th. Antonakopoulos
Introduction to Digital Logic N. Fakotakis – K.  Sgarbas
Information Systems V. Stylianakis – I. Mourtzopoulos – M. Koukias
Multimedia Communications  D. Lymperopoulos
Natural Language Processing N. Fakotakis – K. Sgarbas
Network Management S. Denazis
Pattern Recognition E. Dermatas
Pattern Recognition II E. Dermatas
Speech Technology N. Fakotakis – E. Dermatas
Telecommunication Electronics D. Lymberopoulos
Telematics M. Koukias
Teletraffic Theory M. Logothetis