Mourjopoulos Ioannis

  • Bachelor of Science (BSc Hons.) in Engineering, Coventry University
  • Master of Science (MSc) in Acoustics, Southampton University, Institute of Sound and Vibration Research
  • Doctor of Philosophy in DSP & acoustics, (PhD) Southampton University, Institute of Sound and Vibration Research


Academic career:

  • Researcher: Southampton University 1984-1985, 1986
  • Teaching assistant: University of Patras, 1986
  • Lecturer: University of Patras, 1988-1992,
  • Assistant Professor: University of Patras, 1992-2000,
  • Visiting Professor: Institut fur Kommunikations-akustik, Ruhr-Universitat, Bochum, 1999
  • Associate Professor: University of Patras, 2000-2008,
  • Professor: University of Patras, 2008-today.

University teaching:

  1. “Electroacoustics, Ι, II” 7th and 8th semester, 1988-2016
  2. “Electroacoustics”, 7th semester, 2016-today
  3. “Digital Audio Technology”, 10th semester, 1995-2016, 8th semester, 2016-today
  4. “Information Systems”, 7th semester, (co-teaching), 1997-2011
  5. “Introduction to Electrical Engineering”, 2nd semester, 2016-today (coordinator)
  6. “Introduction to Communication systems”, 6th semester, 2013-today (co-teaching, laboratory)
  7. “Digital Audio Processing”, in Signal Processing and Communication systems-SPCOMS,
  8. Inter-departmental Graduate Program, 2000-today
  9. “Acoustic design and digital audio”, Greek Open University, Postgraduate course, 2014 – today, (initiator, lecturer and course director 2015-today)


  • Study and analysis of electroaclytic and sound systems .
  • Digital leveling of electroaclys acoustic devices and acoustic space response.
  • Digital encoding of sound signals.
  • Wide-spectrum audio data compression
  • Noise suppression and distortions in beeps.
  • Analysis and simulation of acoustic space response.
  • Psychoacustics and simulation of hearing mechanisms.
  • Digital audio applications for multimedia and communication networks.
  • Audio devices for consumer & professional audio applications.
  • Signal processing and music app devices.
  • Measurements and analysis of environmental noise.
  • Encoding and noise removal from speech signals.
  • Optical disk systems for data storage.

Contact Details

tel: +302610996474
fax: +302610991855