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Tel: +30 2610 996496
+30 2610 996480
Fax: +30 2610 997336
+30 2610 991855
Email: raniadou [AT]
Electrical and Computer Enginnering Department
University of Patras

Research Interests

Traffic and Network Management in Telecommunication Networks.

Performance evaluation and optimisation of telecommunication Networks.

Network/Traffic Simulation.

Natural Language Processing.

Interesting Subjects of the ACTS project:


Sub-area 3: Priority Management in Heterogeneous Links

TASK AC313: Ensuring Availability in High Performance Networks.

TASK AC314: Traffic Engineering Techniques for Integrated Networks.

TASK AC317: Resource Management in High-Performance Networks.

TASK AC316: High Speed Simulation Techniques for High Performance Networks.

Sub-area 4: High Speed Service Set-up and Integration

TASK AC319: Intelligent Routing Support for Integrated Networks.