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Σημαντικα Γεγονοτα

Ομάδα Τεχνητής Νοημοσύνης

The Artificial Intelligence Group (AI group) is a part of the Wire Communications Laboratory of the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department, of the University of Patras, Greece.
The AI-Group employs about 15 individuals in teaching and research positions. During the last decade this group has participated in many domestic and international research projects and has a rich publication activity in the following areas:

Speech Processing

The AI group has a long tradition in the fields of speech recognition, Text-To-Speech synthesis (TTS), speaker verification and identification, as well as, in language modeling as a means to enhance the speech recognition performance.
In our laboratory, we have developed the following speech processing applications/components:


  • A Modern Greek TTS system, based on MBROLA concatenative algorithm

  • A Modern Greek TTS system, based on Klutt formant synthesizer

  • A Text and Language Independent Speaker Recognition System, based on Neural Networks.

  • A Speech Annotation Toolbox

  • A Dialogue System for the Automation of Call Centre Services, automating the collection of data for car insurance companies (in the framework of the European Project ACCeSS).

  • A Dialogue System for Telephone-based Services (in the framework of the European Project IDAS)


Natural Language Processing

The AI group has developed natural language tools for Modern Greek covering a wide variety of applications.
In particular, the following tools/components are available:

  • A grapheme-to-phoneme (and vice versa) converter for Modern Greek, based on the two-level morphology model.

  • A morphological processor for Modern Greek based on the PC-KIMMO formalization, performing morphological analysis and synthesis over a lexicon of 30.000 lemmas.

  • A unification-based syntactic analyzer for Modern Greek based on the PC-PATR formalization.

  • A sentence and chunk boundaries detector for unrestricted Modern Greek text.

  • A stylistic analyzer for unrestricted Modern Greek text that categorizes texts in terms of genre and author.

  • A business letter generator for Modern Greek that takes into account stylistic aspects (in the framework of the national project DIALOGOS).

  • A semantic parser for the identification of temporal expressions in Modern Greek texts.

  • Algorithms for incremental construction of lexicons in Directed Acyclic Word Graphs (DAWG) and algorithms for fast access of these lexicons.


Optical Character Recognition

The AI group has developed tools for the preprocessing of document images and words as well as systems for character recognition. In more detail, the following tools are available:

  • A skew estimation system for printed and handwritten documents.

  • A shift correction system for printed and handwritten words.

  • A handwritten character recognition system for Modern Greek.